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Your Weight Loss Whippet Toolkit

Does Your Mind Need To Be Motivated
To Lose Weight?

Do You Need Mind Programming Techniques
To Lose The Unwanted Weight?

Do You Want A System That Can Be Used To
Increase Your Control Over Food?

I have developed a product that will give you 3 audio downloads to:

  1. Break through emotional eating
  2. Motivating you to achieve weight loss
  3. Fighting the fat


Audio 1: Break Through Emotional Eating

    Helping you to release emotional eating

    Replacing your emotional eating with something more beneficial than food

    Techniques to help you to control emotional eating

“… now shed a stone.”

“These recordings have really helped me to lose weight and I have now shed a stone. The recordings are easy to listen to in my busy life and I found Manjit’s words to be encouraging. Each time I thought about stuffing my face I could just hear her say that I will end up with wobbly fat blubber around my body. I now feel more active and feel that I am doing something about my weight rather than sitting around feeling sorry for myself.” Tina


Audio 2: Motivating You to Achieve
Weight Loss

    Helping you to feel more motivated to do something about your weight

    Breaking through excuses

    Helping you to stay on track and feel enthused

“This has really helped me…”

“Manjit’s tone is very soothing and I feel very relaxed listening to her. This has really helped me as her encouraging words seem to stick in my mind when I am feeling down and reach for the biscuit tin! I kept remembering the words she was saying about the thick padding of fat and because of that I got a salad instead of a massive baguette and crisps which is my Monday because I’m bored and down.” Baljit


Audio 3: Fighting the Fat

    Motivating you to melt the fat

    Exciting you to celebrate as the fat leaves your body

    Celebrating as you move to a slimmer healthier body

Special Launch Offer:
All 3 Audios For Just £9.97 (Approximately $15)
Click On The Button Below And Get Started Now


  • Once an order is placed the MP3 audios will be delivered to your inbox
  • No refunds are permitted once an order has been placed for this product
  • Responsibility for all technical uploads / downloads lies with the purchaser
  • Delivery of this product is strictly for the purchaser’s sole use only
  • Any forwarding on these download products to third parties is deemed theft.
  • The company does not accept responsibility for the amount of weight lost
  • This product is strictly for those who are not currently suffering from/ have suffered mental illness