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Winter Blues And Weight Loss

With the dark mornings, dark nights and cold weather, it can be hard to motivate yourself in anything that you do let alone focusing on losing  weight. It is easy to eat a lot of comfort food and food that controls the emotions. However, losing weight should be a number one priority if you want those amazing curves in the summer. Otherwise you will carry on for another year being fat and this could be a cycle that is repeated year on year.

Ask yourself if you want to spend another year a fat one just because you haven’t learned to gain control over food…… yes the food will be the winner, this is because you have let it win. This is what I tell all of my clients until they get that wake up call they need! They soon start thinking about the realities and start taking action.

Defeating food might sound easier than you think, but there is a way you can achieve results and start seeing the fat melting from your body.  

Here are a few things that you can do to help control those winter blues:

  • Instead of thinking about food that will provide you with comfort, think about something fun that you can do. You may enjoy reading, going out for a walk or may want to stick a film on. Anything that will take your mind away from food.
  • Keep your mind motivated with an image of how amazing you will look when you have lost all of that excess flab. All my clients stay enthused by having a slim vision of their future self.
  • Stop, look and listen to what goes in your mouth. Every action you take with food will have a consequence.
  • Even if you have had a bad day, just think that it will only get worse if you load yourself with all of that food because you will pile all of that weight back on that you may have lost.

How Weight Loss Hypnosis Can Help

If you think you are unable to do it alone I have plenty of experience in helping people to slim down and regaining that control over food once and for all.

  • I will ensure you stay motivated at all times so that you achieve weight loss.
  • I will help you to regain control over those unhealthy snacks and portion sizes.
  • I will create powerful visualisations of how you will look once you have lost weight through hypnosis.
  • You will receive the 80/20 meal plan.
  • You will receive an SOS service so that you stay on track.

I have realised in my years of helping people to lose weight that motivation and thinking slim is key to weight loss. Without motivation and a hunger to be slim your results will be slim.