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Will you be a yo yo dieter in 2017?

As 2017 commences ask yourself if you will be a yo yo dieter. If you were one last year, the chances are that you will remain in the same constant cycle this year. That is if you decide to get help.

With the build up to Christmas over the last few weeks you will have probably eaten more calories than you probably needed to and will have piled on a few extra pounds or even stones. You may think of a quick fix to get rid of the weight and decide to go on a FAD DIET, but be warned you will put all the weight back on once you resume a normal diet. Most will carry on throughout life in this way year on year and will never have achieved long term weight loss. Each year you dream of getting into that smaller Christmas dress or having a slimmer summer, but may never manage it. Every year you may make a promise to yourself that you will lose weight and look amazing, but fail because the results never appear as you are after a quick fix. The reality is that you have never managed to control those portion sizes or snacking.

Will you make a new year’s resolution this year?

You may make a new year’s resolution to join a fitness club or take part in a fad diet such as juicing or eating special food, but believe me you will get bored as the quick fix will never work long term as you will be deprived of the food that you really enjoy and can only keep up with the fad diet for so long. I have tried fad diets in the past and always gave up within a day or two.

So what happens?

You spend year on year failing and never feel your absolute best because you are the same size. You may spend each year feeling disappointed because you just can’t seem to grasp control and lose weight.

Don’t let this be a dream for another year. Make it a reality. Why hold back when you can start your weight loss journey now in a few easy steps. Weight loss hypnosis can even help you to reach your goal than you achieving it alone.

Start working on yourself now.  

Now that Christmas has gone you may want to think about looking good for the summer. That gives you around 5 months to change your ways and lose that excess fat on your body. If you lost 1-2lb a week in the next 5 months you could lose between 25-30lb so that you can get into that dream beach wear. If you work really hard at it you could lose more weight.

You will not even have to diet to lose weight. We all know that rigid diets will never work and you may keep the weight off for a short time, but will pile it all back on if not more over a period of time.

How to achieve weight loss and sustain it?

  • Apply the 80/20 rule where 80 percent of the time you eat well and 20 percent of the time you allow yourself room for a little of what you fancy. This is a rule that must be applied if you want to keep the weight off long term. This is how I have managed to keep my weight off for over 10 years.
  • Eat your usual food. Don’t go out and start buying special food, but eat smaller portions. Portion size is where most people go wrong. You will find that reducing your portion size will eventually lead to the weight coming off.
  • Cook and eat healthily. If you know you eat too many cakes, buttery, oily food, chocolate, drink too many fizzy drinks you know that you need to reduce them. But do not cut them out completely.
  • Ensure you treat yourself to some chocolate or a glass of wine or whatever it is that you fancy so that you do not become bored. It is when you deprive yourself off the things that you enjoy that you see the weight pilling back on as you will go into binge mode.
  • Keep on telling yourself or have positive self-chatter that you will reduce your weight.
  • Try and visualise several times a week of how amazing you will look when you drop a dress size or two.

How weight loss hypnotherapy can help

  • Weight loss hypnotherapy will ensure you stay motivated at all times so that you stay on track.
  • With weight loss hypnosis you will be able to regain control over those unhealthy snacks and portion sizes.
  • Weight loss hypnotherapy will help create powerful visualisations of how you will look once you have lost weight. This will ensure you stay enthused.