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What People Say

The video below features Lorraine who regained control over depression as well as issues around food.


The video below features Gurminder who talks about her experience on my 6 Week Straight Talking Motivational Weight Loss Programme. She had a series of 6 intense weight loss coaching sessions with combined hypnotherapy to help her to combat a lifetime of sugar and chocolate cravings. Gurminder has dropped one dress size and she is still continuing to lose weight.

It was a delightful experience to work with Gurminder and to help her make positive changes to her diet and lifestyle.


The video below features Mankiran who kindly agreed to talk about her hypnotherapy session with me to help her to deal with sugar, chocolate and caffeine cravings. Although Mankiran didn’t need to lose weight she wanted to make positive changes to her diet and lifestyle. Mankiran described her session as pleasant and relaxing and said that she felt the changes immediately. She has not had chocolate and sugar since and has replaced caffeine with herbal tea. As a result of her hypnotherapy session she feels much more energised and is happy with the changes that we implemented.

It was a pleasure to work with Mankiran and to help her to deal with her cravings.


The video below features Sharon who was on the 6 Week Straight Talking Motivational Weight Loss Programme. She has dropped 2 dress sizes from a size 20 to a size 16 and has lost 21lb and she is still continuing to lose weight. It was a real pleasure to work with her. She has shown motivation and determination throughout the whole 6 weeks.


The video below features Minal who was on the Asian Exclusive Weight Loss Programme. This lady had never eaten fruit as she hated the texture of it. Through a combination of hypnotherapy and motivational coaching she now eats 4 pieces of fruit a day and she feels amazing. Not only does she eat fruit, she has lost just over 14lb in weight.

“Working with Manjit has been a fantastic experience and has changed my life. Her words have been very encouraging and made me do something about my weight. I have now steadily started to shift the weight.”


“Manjit’s tone is very soothing and I feel very relaxed listening to her. This has really helped me as her encouraging words seem to stick in my mind when I am feeling down and reach for the biscuit tin! I kept remembering the words she was saying about the thick padding of fat and because of that I got a salad instead of a massive baguette and crisps which is my Monday because I’m bored and down.”


“I would recommend the 6 week programme for anyone that struggles with weight and keeping it off. It was a massive eye opener and Manjit helped me to change my lifestyle and the way I eat. Now that the programme has finished I listen to my personalised MP3’s that Manjit made for me. Not only do they help me relax, but I found them really useful to listen to in-between my sessions and now that my sessions have finished. They are a great way for me to stay on track and the fact that I am still losing weight is a bonus.”


“I have now lost just over a stone since being hypnotised to cut junk from my diet. For a start I admit I was very sceptical to try hypnosis after trying various fad diets in the past, but I can truly say I have found something that works for me. The thought of indulging on crisps, cakes and biscuits now makes me feel sick, so I would recommend hypnosis to anyone trying to kick something from their life.”


“I wanted to give up on cravings for biscuits, cakes and chocolates, which I ate every day. I wanted to lose a stone in weight as I am over 50 and weigh 11 stones at 5ft 1. I felt I needed a little more energy in my life, but I was well aware that if I lost too much weight I could look older and possibly scrawny. Over the last 6 weeks I have steadily lost 12 pounds. I have more energy and have lost all cravings for sweet foods. I will occasionally have a biscuit or cake, but quite honestly I can take it or leave it. Manjit put me at ease straight away and I found hypnotherapy very relaxing and calming. I would recommend this treatment as it has a lasting effect. I look forward to shedding more weight.”

Mrs Jarrams