Manjit Ruprai

Leicestershire’s premier Weight Loss Expert and Clinical Hypnotherapist

As well as working with a diverse clientele, Manjit is a weight loss expert for the Asian community


Manjit is a Resident Expert Blogger to the Association of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists

Welcome to Your Weight Loss Whippet

Are you ready to ditch the weight and say “hello” to a new healthy, glamorous, slim you?

Have you tried every diet under the sun and it hasn’t worked for you?

I offer a range of weight loss coaching and hypnotherapy treatments to suit your needs

Start your weight loss journey by contacting me now!


Books from Your Weight Loss Whippet

Slim & Spicy Book - Food, Fun and Mindset for the Modern Asian Lifestyle - By Manjit Ruprai
Hypnotherapy Experts Book featuring Manjit Ruprai - Your Weight Loss Whippet